Archive | September, 2014

Cloak of the Night Sky Neopets

Now you can wear a starry night all around you… This item however, is not buyable from the NC Mall. This neocash item can only be obtained by buying the first four dreams and nightmare mystery capsules! This neopets Cloak of the Night Sky is one elusive item!

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Neopets Android App

The Neopets App has been confirmed to be released to android users as well! This app will be the revival of this dying site, as many old players are looking to get back to this game, and I believe the app will really accomplish this task well! This android app for neopets will be able […]

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Neopets Maractite Bomb

New Neopets Maractite Bomb has hit the Smugglers Cove! Only 100 being released, buy it fast! G-Bomb is two sets of independent discretely uniform .5-5 physical icons. So if you are getting 0.5 icon increments I think it is safe to say it is a true G-Bomb clone. I just wanted to double check it […]

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