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MME21-S1: Crystal Paths Trinket

MME21-S1: Crystal Paths Trinket is the newest Neocash MME to hit the NC Malls! Light or dark, which path will you choose on this MME21-S1: Crystal Paths Trinket? This is the first stage in a multiple-stage Mysterious Morphing Experiment (MME). Read More:

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Free Neopets 16th Birthday Goodie Bag!

Hurry to the NC Mall to grab your free Neopets 16th Birthday Goodie Bag today in celebrations of Neopets turning 16! The Neopets 16th Birthday Goodie Bag will award you with a Shooting Stars.

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Neopets 2015 Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags

It is Halloween! And with that it’s time again to search for the Neopets Trick Or Treat Bag that are hidden for you across Neopia. This year there are five different bags for you to find. Once the clock strikes twelve on All Hallows’ Eve, Neopians can set out in search of the five goodie […]

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Neopets Haunted Hijinks 2015 – Neocash Event!

Haunted Hijinks will be back this year for 2015 at the NC Mall! TNT has updated their FAQ. It should be noted that the event is slightly shorter than the past two years (13 days instead of 16), so the anticipated first prize will be for October 19th. What is the duration of the Haunted Hijinks? […]

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Neopets Giveaways

If you are looking to get some freebies, check out’s Monthly Giveaways! Each month they give away three prizes to three lucky winners! This month is a Candychan Stamp, Unconverted Faerie Kougra, and 10,000,000NP!

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Buy Unconverted Neopets without Getting Frozen!

Almost every player has some kind of goal of pets, from painting a pet of a certain color, like painting your Ogrin Faerie, or even the creation of a specific color combination / species, such as a Wraith Draik . Other players like to battle, so they want a battle pet with specific statistics, or […]

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Trudy’s Surprise Slot Machine

Trudy’s Surprise Slot Machine is the latest event to be released by Neopets! The Neopets Trudy’s Surprise Slot Machine will be an on-going event that will reward users with NP. However you have to keep collecting the sloth machine each day, for your prize to grow. Skipping a day, will result in your prize pool being […]

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Curious to know whether is a legit site to purchase from? Worry not, NeopetsGuides has you covered with a honest review! We have yet to place a test order with BuyNeopointsCheap, so we are unable to provide a reliable review at this time. As always, we do recommend you proceed with caution when purchasing.

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