Guide to the Money Tree Grabber [Neopets Program]!

So I know there are plenty of guides around here telling you what settings work best and what items to use on your list, I’m going to go a little deeper in depth on this wonderful program. 

Now I know a lot of you have tried grabbing from the giving tree manually, we all know that doesn’t go to well as those lucky enough to have Cheesie’s wonderful program. grab all the good items before they ever reach the page to be refreshed. (Thanks again Cheesie)

I know even more of you have tried using this program and given up all hope of it working. I’ve heard several people complain about it not working correctly – I believe this is more human error than programming error. This program, when used correctly, can make you more NP a day doing absolutely nothing than any other program on here.

And the best part about it is:

It’s not complicated; it can be done while you sleep or are AFK!
Takes less than an hour a day. [On average]
[To my knowledge (from my experience)] Low freeze rate. 
Don’t have to wait for the accounts to age. 
Levels 1’s have access to it which means, It’s Free!

Okay, so I’m guessing at least a few people think that sounds too good to be true, well it isn’t. In the 20 or so days I’ve been using this program I’ve earned more than 4 Million NP.

Yes. 4 Million, from sheer donations of other users.

After you’ve read this guide you can be on your way to make millions while sitting on your… bum, reading a book or doing something more productive. 

Enough introduction, how about we get into how to do this.


Refresh every [Insert Number Here]: The default is 100 milliseconds. Now there are disputes over what this number should be and I’ve heard anywhere from 500-3500, the longer you wait the more “human” you appear, if TNT were to stick its nose where it doesn’t belong. I’ll get more into my settings in a second let’s continue with the introduction to the general program.

Minimize to tray:The default is checked which means when you minimize the program it will go into your system tray in the bottom right hand screen. As far as I know when it does such, there is no icon for it, rather a blank gap in your tray that you click and then it’ll pop back up. If you uncheck this box then the program will minimize just like a normal window to the bottom of your screen.

Min. amount of NPs to grab:This feature is checked and has a default of 1000NP designated which means that if anything 1000NP or higher were to go onto the tree you would attempt to grab it. You can alter the amount of NP you want to be the minimum you choose to grab increasing it or decreasing it. I personally, do not use this feature and uncheck it as I found it slows down my attempts by going after NP when it could be going after items. I believe that NP grabs DO NOT count towards your 10 grabs daily or the 10 grabs the program gets before automatically shutting down; however, you are limited to grabbing 20k a day in points

.–Grab these items: This feature is unchecked as default. Check this box. If you have the MTList inside your folder correctly, as you would you have unzipped everything into the SAME folder, there will be a long list of item names. Each name here represents an item that if it were to be tossed on tree and you had the program running, underneath your allotted 10 daily grabs, you would attempt to grab. This is a long list, as you can see, I would suggest taking items off of the list – your choice in what items. The buttons below that box are self-explanatory. If you grab an item and the price isn’t high enough for your likings then you can highlight it in the list click “Remove Item” then hit Save find the original file and overwrite it.

Status: This feature will tell you if the program is working and how many attempts you’ve had, along with how many grabs and fails you’ve had. And for each attempt or grab its success or failure will be placed above in the log section along with the time and the item in question.

Advanced Instruction / Tips:

Now that we know how the program works, I’ll give you the settings I run at which consistently give me a ratio of at most 2 attempts per 1 grab:
Turn off the neopoints grabbing feature or if you’re going to leave it on turn it at least to 4000+ minimum, this will make less attempts for points and leaves you more open for chances at items.

Let run until you get 10 grabs, which depending upon your list, computer speed, and internet speed could be anywhere from 10 attempts to 50 attempts. (These are my lowest and highest, I’m sure others have had varied success.) It usually takes about 30 minutes to grab 10 items, but if it is a slow day and less items are being donated it can take up to an hour or more.

Turn your refresh rate to some number between 590-790 milliseconds; however, I do not run at any number that ends in 0 or 5 (ex. 595, 600, 605) instead I run on an odd number like 599 or 597 etc. I do this so it doesn’t appear a program is doing it since most programs would use a number like 600 even or 650 even. For even more protection, if you’re at your computer as you are searching you can stop the search every couple grabs and change the number. You have to work and try to find the best individual settings for your computer, but these tips will still help.

Ok, because there have been a lot a lot a lot of messages regarding how these settings are not giving the same results for you as they are for me, let me reiterate the fact that “You have to work and try to find the best individual settings for your computer, but these tips will still help.”

Now, the way to do this:

Fast Computer And/Or Fast Internet: 570-670ms

(Work your way up from there until you find the right settings for you.)

Medium Computer And/Or Medium Internet
: 1400-1700ms

(Work your way up from there until you find the right settings for you.)

Slow Computer And/Or Slow Internet:
(Work your way up from there until you find the right settings for you.)
[[If you’ve found your ‘ideal’ settings and are grabbing with a ratio above or close to 60% would you please send me your computer specs along with your internet speed so I can update this section with a more explicit and detailed starting point.]]

In working your way up run the program for about 20mins on the current settings, you have and it doesn’t GRAB an item [it has to attempt something first if you increase without it ever even finding anything it isn’t the settings fault] and you get like 5 MISSES then increase the refresh rate by like 75-100 till you start balancing out around at least 60% grab to miss ratio.


|| You’re finished. Take the 10 items and do what you wish to do with them sell them, donate them back, gallery them, whatever you choose.||
[Money Tree Raper]

Basic same set up as the Advanced Money Tree Grabber above. Since this guide is very thorough in the Advanced Money Tree Grabber portion, I can simply have you refer to the above sections and forethoughts if you have questions on this Money Tree Raper and I’ll just go over the differences.

This above is the main screen. Just like the AMTG it has all the same info; again, I suggest that you uncheck grab NP and keep the Grab Items checked.

This is the list section. Unlike the AMTG this program supports word replacement by choosing select words and anything matching those words is selected even if the other words are simply replaced with ” * “. The list Cheesie so kindly provided is available when you download his program; however, it was missing some key elements in my opinion including Secret Laboratory Map, many of which are discarded daily. I have placed together a combined version of my AMTG list and the MTRaper list Cheesie has provided and cleared it down so that it will run on the Money Tree Raper quite well and for me has produced 10 grabs a daily, fast effectively, with very few misses (most 4 per 10) every day since the release of this program. This list will be attached at the bottom of this post.

This screen displays what items are currently on the tree at any one time in a sort of “Live” feature. You can see ‘manually’ what is on there (makes it a little more entertaining to watch than simply the bottom of the program displaying the wait time in MS for the next refresh). Also, may help you see (if you have fast eyes) things that you have forgotten to add to list [though I’m pretty sure my list is quite complete].

This screen just like the AMTG is simply a log of what you have grabbed and how long in -MS it took to grab or miss that item. This screen may help you figure out your speed better by calculating how many -MS you missed the item by and reducing your MS speed to closer to that area. However, the same times I used for the AMTG (as I said above) still work for the best results I have found of anything.

Overall the Advanced Money Tree Grabber and the Money Tree Raper are both tremendous programs and are both quite well to use. I hope that many of you who are level 2 find this guide helpful and for those who aren’t level 2 purchase PPD (Pay Per Day) to try out this wonderful program and help not only yourself out but also the site.


Q: “But wait! How does that make me a millionaire? These items aren’t worth anything; I got a Moon Paving Stone and its worth absolutely nothing.” 

A: Yes, some items you get will be worth nothing. That’s why I have compiled my own list (just revisions of the one given in the program by Cheesie) byremoving any item I grab under 5000NP excluding: Map Pieces, Dubloons, Codestones, etc. since they are ETS (easy to sell). 

Q: “That still doesn’t add to being a millionaire.” 

A: With time it does.5,000NP/item X 10 items X 7 days a week = 350,000NP a week. (Now remember this would be the minimum once you have eliminated all items under 5000NP from your list, it’s usually a lot more) 350,000NP a week X 3 weeks = 1,050,000NP less than a month.

 “So how did you earn 4 million in under that time?” 
 Multiple accounts.I currently use 5 shells…if you can even call them that, they are 3 days old, to grab on daily. I never grab on my main.350,000NP x 5 accounts = 1,750,000NP a week.

Q: “How do I use multiple accounts without being frozen right away?”

A: Proxy and more. I use a proxy before I log into any of my shell accounts and after I’m done on that account, I refresh, get a new proxy, and log into the next. This way none of the shells ever have the same IP address linked with them and they will Never have my main IP address linked since I take off all proxy’s when I use my main so that IP address stays the same (unless I IP release/renew manually with my router, which I do once a week or so).About every week or every 3 days, you can choose, I self-freeze each of these shell accounts and make new ones since aging isn’t a requirement. I transfer the items through a variety of ways so it does not appear to be filling one account. I do some trades, some auctions [neofriend only, then delete neofriend after the auction ends], or gift them. After each account is done I set up the trade or auctions immediately so I when I log out and finish with all 5 accounts I can immediately log into my main and make offers on all 5 trades, sometime spread over the course of the next day and then log into each shell account to accept the offer the next day or several hours later; not doing each account back to back to back to flood my main with 50 items.

Q: “Where can I get a proxy?”

A: Faye was kind enough to make a great guide that has helped me. 

Faye’s Helpful Guide on proxies can be found [Here]

I followed her guide using Tor’s FireFox add-on and haven’t had any problems since. It took awhile to figure out but once you do it the first time after that it’s so easy, less than 2 seconds to change your proxy. Not to mention that these proxies are the fastest I’ve found anywhere and it’s not hit or miss. They will work.

Q: “Are there really any good items given on the tree?” 

A: Yes.Money Tree Logs:I’ve started keeping logs daily of any items over 35k I grab. I’ll continue to do so every day I use this program. The logs show:1.Grabs, how many of each.2.Misses, how many of each.3.Estimated prices of those items.4.Average ratio of misses to grabs on 5 accounts.

If anyone is interested in the Money Tree Logs they can PM me for them.

[[There is a 5+ day gap or so recently but they are starting again.]]

“What is the freeze rate of this program?” 

A: Very Little.

I haven’t heard of anyone getting frozen for using this program. Many people use it all day and all night long every day and I still haven’t heard of any freezing. Perhaps TNT doesn’t scan the money tree, or perhaps they just don’t care. Know what I think it is? All those people using Autobuyers are distracting them for us.

*Applauds to them keep the ruse going, you get frozen for us*

It keeps saying 0 items found, what can I do?

A: Restart the program.

Restart the program and log out of the account and back in. Sometimes even logging into your Neopets account through the browser then out resets it too. I’ve found it may get stuck and then released that way.

Do I have to be logged into Neopets via my browser for this to work?”

You don’t have to be logged in via your browser and in fact in most cases it will log you out when the program is running.