Guide to Advert Attack!

Thanks to the game updates, the Ace Zafara avatar has become much easier to get. If you follow this guide correctly, it can garuntee you the avatar, and maybe if you practice hard enough, you can get another shiny trophy for your collection on reset night. Not to mention if you’re into games, this can give you another 3k every day.


You need a score of 700+

Maybe even one of these TROPHIES:

On reset night a bronze is possible in the high 800s. For the other two you’ll need a score that’s 900+

The game is easy enough to understand: You are a participent in Virtupets Studio’s newest game, Super Race. Your goal is to make Ace Zafara reach the finish line before the computer-controlled Race Robot. All you have to do is click the “Go!” button that will appear on the game window to move your spaceship forwards. (Note: Your spaceship is the one on bottom of the screen.) In higher levels, it becomes more complicated, but I’ll go over that later.

1. This guide is not as effective on a lap top unless you’re skilled at using the mousepad. If you are, go for it =] Also, you could plug in a mouse to your lap top and voila! This guide works.
2. Use a mouse that is pretty heavy if you’re going for the trophy. For some reason whenever I play this game using a lightweight mouse I go so fast that I overshoot and miss the “Go!” button.
3. Double click on the “Go!” sign. Often you’ll click once but it won’t disappear.
4. Never click “Ok” on a pop-up, it’ll bring up another one.


Go as fast as you can in this level, nothing is holding you back. If you’re aiming for the avatar, anything 27+ for a bonus is good. If you’re playing for a trophy, restart until you get at least 30+. This is by far the easiest level. After you win and the screen switches, Dr. Sloth will say: “Hmmmm, this game is getting quite popular, I have an idea.

This is where Dr. Sloth’s genius idea first comes into play. As you click on the “Go!” buttons, random neo-related pop-ups will appear. My advice is that if they’re not in your way don’t bother X’ing them out. When they are in your way, don’t bother X’ing them out either unless the pop-up is placed so that you can easily reach the x button. If not, just move it out of the way. Your bonus for this round should be pretty close to your bonus from the previous one. Add that to the 50 points you get for completing the round and then to your total score and you should have somewhere around 160pts.

Basically the same as the last level. You should get around the same amount of bonus. Once again I reccomment not X’ing out the advertisements. Your score should be around 240. After this round apparently Dr. Sloth has a new idea: “Excellent! That worked wonderfully… I have a better idea.”
Dun duh duh duh duhnnn.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what his new and improved idea is. This round is nearly the same but the pop-ups are more frequent. Try and get 25+ bonus points. Your total should be around 315 points. Now Dr. Sloth says: “Hmmm, what if the pop-up windows were harder to close?”

No, your computer isn’t lagging, it’s Dr. Sloth’s new scheme D:
Basically whenever a pop-up shows up your screen lags. There’s nothing you can do about this, and unfortunately even while your screen is frozen the bonus countdown keeps going. Try and get 20+ bonus points this round. Your total should be near 390 points. Dr. Sloth says: “The bigger the window the better the profit!”

Essentially the same as the last round but the size of the pop-ups has increased dramatically. Score 20+ bonus. Your total should be around 460 points.

There’s a new type of pop-up in this level:

You x this one out by clicking on the small print that says “close this window”.
Your score should be around 500+ at the end of this level if you want the avatar. If you want a trophy, try and have 550+ (preferably 600+) points.

Same as the last level, but harder and faster. You can definately make it through the level though. At the end of seven you should have enough for the avatar, if not, just one more level to go. Eight is the same as seven, just a little faster. During these levels I suggest you use the code: “nopopups” to clear the screen.