Guide to Buy Neopoints

There are different ways to buy neopoints.  When going to buy neopoints you will have to be careful when buying neopoints.  There are different websites that will tell you where to buy neopoints. You will have to do a search for “buying neopoints”.  You will pick a site that you believe is not a scam or you known to be a reliable site.  You will have to make an account with the website.  You can pick the package that you want to purchase.  An example could be five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, and fifty million neopoints.

After you select what package you would like to purchase you will have to pay.  Now each package cost a different dollar amount increasing as you get higher in the buy neopoints packages.  For example, buying the fifty million neopoints will cost two hundred thirty-four dollars and ninety-nine cents.  You can pay using a credit card.  You can also pay using PayPal, Moneypak, or Interac eTransfer.

There are three different ways to get the neopoints transferred into your neopets account.  The first way is through your neopets shop if you have one.  The way you do this is that you put junk items into your store and make the amounts that will equal to the amount you that you have purchased.  The website will then buy the items and you will have the neopoints that you had purchased.

The second way to receive your neopoints is through the Trading Post.  The way you do this option is to make several different lots and price them a way that will make sure that you will receive the amount of neopoints that you can purchased.  A final way to receive the neopoints that you have purchased is to just to do a transfer transaction.  The website that you have bought the neopoints will just transfer the whole amount into your neopets account.

Buy Neopoints

When buying neopets you have to be cautious.  You could be paying a large amount of money and you lose that money because it was scam.  When picking a website that you want to buy neopoints from you have to be very certain that the website that you are choosing is not a scam. Not only do you have to make sure that they are not a scam, you have to be certain that when you do buy neopoints from them, that you are buying legit neopoints.

However, buying neopets is illegal.  According Neopets that put in their Terms and Use Neopets forbid you buying neopets anywhere.  If you do get caught buying neopoints, Neopets will freeze your account.  That means that you will lose your account.

You should think what the consequences will or could happen if you decide to buy neopoints. If you are not careful when using the websites when buying neopoints Neopets will freeze your account and you will lose everything.  You could have had your account for a long time and you could lose everything that you have working for to get multimillions an easier way.

It would make you more proud of yourself to earn the neopoints yourself, whether it is through a store, doing trades, or making auctions, or purchasing then just buying neopoints.  So picture losing all of that when deciding about buying neopoints.  You also have to cover up the transfers so that Neopets does not find out that you purchased the neopoints.

So now that you know the basics of buying neopoints, what are you waiting for, visit today to purchase neopoints for yourself!