Guide to Castle of Evil Thade!

Choosing Difficulty
Well, you can choose either “Scaredy Cat” or “Super Brave”. Pick one that you think you’ll pass by easy and will make you good money. [Most people do “Scaredy Cat” for easy money]

Room #1:The Dining Room
To get here, you need to get through 4 spaces, but you can move only 3 black per turn, so just move as many blocks as you want, but the more spaces you move the harder the words so watch out. But I have help, if your lazy and you don’t want to use your noggin and unscramble the words, then use this. 
Zach’s Word Unscrambler It unscrambles the word for you, but heres the catch, the unscrambler finds many words that fit the jumbled letters, and only one word fits the jumbled word, so pick wisely. Also, the program can’t find any words to match the letters so, try you best to guess the word. Anyways, after you reach the room, you get The Sword of Skardsen. Good job.

Room #2:The Kitchen
If your reading this, that means you have passed the Dining room. Good job =D. Anyways, your on to Room 2:The Kitchen, on the path there is a crack on the floor, you have a 50/50 chance of falling through, which means game over or if you still have your first 3 lives. So, I would recommended skipping it and do 2 spaces, but if your a risk-taker then try it. Well, after you reach the kitchen, you get The Shield of Pion Troect. Another job, well done.

Room #3: The Library
This the most dangerous path, It has 4 cracks so watch out. Well, just do the regular guessing and scrambling method to reach the next room. I would recommend doing 1 space, 3 space, 2 space, and then the room to be one the safe side. Well, after you reach the room, you get Grimoire of Thade. Congratulations reaching this far =D

Room #4:The Bedroom
Alright, to reach the bed room, I recommend doing this pace. 1 space, 3 space, 3 space, and the room. After you reach the room you should get The Amulet of Thilg. Well, good job! You have all the items! But how will you get to the next room? Keep reading to find out! ;D

Room #5:The Crypt Room
Alright, so right now your at the Bedroom, here is what you do. Look at where you first started, count 1 space up and 1 space to the left, click on spot and the word guessing thingy pops up, well right now your wondering how are you walking on the black spaces? Glitch? Hack? Nope, just an ordinary secret passage. Well, now you should be near the beginning. Just make your way to the Crypt Room and you have beated the game! ;D.