Guide to Neverending Boss Battle!

Guide to Neverending Boss Battle

No Avies =(

Codes : foreverandeverandever (gains a life and you have to do this to get a trophy it gives you a lot of points if your good  )



1. Use every the whole space provided past guides are showing to stay in one spot but thats WAY to confusing. Just go with the flow.

2. When playing this game play a catchy and high beat song i usually play “Hands in the Ayer”.

3. Of Course aviod the mothership which always stays in the middle and never moves around but don’t get it wrong the ship has a few tricks up their sleve. (That will come later in the guide).

4. When the mothership hits you with one of her weapons it’s 1 hit = – 20% of you shield out of 100% of course. So 5 hits per life.

5. Your main objective is to shot the mothership (spacebar) Per Mothership Hit = 5 Points.

6. Whenever you lose a life it takes you to a explanation of your choices to either end game or press space to continue. This also happens on the beginning thats when i suggest you type in foreverandeverandever so you can start out with 4 lives.

7. I go by the rules of if im under 750 Points per life then i doubt I will get a trophy. (That increases if you plan to do it in mid month then beginning).

The Game

1. Is You basically.

2. Is sloth’s ship (mother ship)

3. Thats how many you lives have.

4. Your Score

5. Your Shield % (when it drops to 0% you lose a life)

6. Is what powerup you have.


Moving : Arrow Keys

Shooting : Spacebar


It’s kindof hard to get pictures of these because they fly around (but i will explain what they look like)

Power ups help you basically but some are ment to help you but some are pretty useless. They come out when you hit the Mothership a bunch of times.

2 Powerups is the limit (so you have to use them up)

They disappear after like 15 seconds

Green = Good Powerup

Red = Bad Powerup

1. Green Mucky Thing

Whenever you get hit by a mothership weapon you will be teleported somewhere else.

2. Red Orb and Blue circle around it.

This is the most IMPORTANT and helpful powerup there is in this game. It is a shield so that means you can go right up to the mothership and shot you butt off 😛 (This is around 150 Points free). Make sure you aviod other powerups cause then its gone. You get it every time you lose a life aswell.

3. Lightning Bolt

This powerup is pretty much worthless its suppose to increase you shooting speed but i noticed it doesnt really do it.

4. Blueish thing with a red dot in middle

This is probably the worst powerup in this game. It speeds up your ship and its very hard to control your ship and espically when the motherships rockets are following you.

5. Red with green tail rocket

Basically this powerup makes your shoots reflect off the walls of the game so it just bounces back and fourth until it hits the mothership so you can basically fly around the area and hold the spacebar down and shoot everywhere.

6. Green Orb Opened red dot in the middle

Basically it makes you shoot out 2 shoots rather then the normal one this doesn’t really help you but it’s still good. (Makes them shoot diagonal) So if you position yourself right you can shoot the mothership 2 times in a row (thats 10+ points not only 5+) But that requires you to stand still which you can’t really do in this game.

Mothership + Weapons

Once again its kindof hard to take screenshots of this cause it goes by so fast so i’ll explain what they look like.

1. Blue Stars (shots a lot)

They are basically stars like what you are shooting but different color they shoot in multiple directions so aviod these.

2. Red Mini Spaceships

Every like 30 seconds these 2 mini spaceships come by and they follow you around until they either get you or after like 5-10 seconds they self destruct this and the blue stars are the hardest to aviod. (Later i will show an effective way to aviod these pesky things)

3. Laser

Well if you stay right in the middle of the mothership (face to face) after a while the ship is ready to laser (you will be signaled with a red dot getting ready to charge) move out of the way only if you don’t have a shield then you move but if you do don’t worry about it. (you shouldn’t be face to face with the ship anyways)

4. Yellow Laser

This laser is a Bit different it moves around it is a laser which is rarely used by the ship but its pretty easy to aviod.

5. Yellow Bullets

If the ship is near you and you fly past the front of it they shoot 6 yellow bullets 3 on both sides. But you shouldnt pass the ship anyways.

Avoiding the Miniships

If the mothership is not faceing you and minirockets are coming you do a HOOK rather then a full circle to aviod them instead of faceing the ship so they cant shoot you.

The red arrow is the miniships come out and start following you.

The yellow arrow is the path you should take to aviod the minirocketsand at the end of the arrow the miniships should self destruct. (The self destruct zone maybe longer if you don’t be in the corner when the miniships deploy.

The green arrow is somewhat where the mothership should be if you do a hook.

2nd Way

If the mothership is near you do a FULL circle when the miniships come out.