Guide to Spooky Food Eating Contest Cheats

The Spooky Food Eating Contest is the latest craze on Neopets! It’s not rocket-science to participate in and win some prizes. All you have to do is choose a contestant and cheer them on!

You can win some fantastic prizes in the Spooky Food Eating Contest! Prizes included to be won in the Spooky Food Eating Contest are :

Ghost Paint Brush

Halloween Paint Brush

Halloween Petpet Paint Brush

Halloween Tonu Morphing Potion

Zombie Flotsam Morphing Potion

Zombie Paint Brush

Zombie Petpet Paint Brush


You can cheer them on every five minutes to win a new prize, and there is a 23 Prize per Day limit.

Now onto the Spooky Food Eating Contest Cheats!

If you already have a browser-addon, called Greasemonkey your ready to proceed. If not, read our greasemonkey guide here:

Once you have that, install the Spooky Food Eating Contest script:

Spooky Food Eating Contest


Now just leave the Spooky Food Eating Contest page open, and the script will do the rest automatically!