Guide to the Neopets Advent Calendar 2013!

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Neopets Advent Calendar 2014


The Neopets Advent Calendar only works in the month of Celebrating (December). Every day of that month, you can come to this place to get a every day free gift. It presents out Neopoints and pieces such as playthings, Food, Books, a Petpet, and Neocash items. Every day in the month of Celebrating, a new Christmas associated video can be seen at the Advent Calendar.
You can win neopets advent calendar prizes everyday durign the month of December! There are many prizes to be won from books, to toys, to plushies, and more! And at the end, all these items retire!

Each day of December, the Calendar displays an animation, usually associated to the pieces you obtain. The Advent Calendar Archives is where you can glimpse all the 321 animations that were displayed throughout all the Calendars. The first was in Y2 (2000) and we’re having the thirteenth calendar in 2013. With so numerous pieces granted out you might marvel which ones are the best to hoard and resell. Food and publications are one time use items so those do eventually increase but you have to believe of the thousands of them that are out there and you are not the only one that is bulk-buying them. I use the Opera browser because it has a cooling Note feature. You can highlight the title of an piece and add it to the notepad then slash paste one of the pieces from the list into the Shop Wizard.

That eradicates having to proceed in to your security Deposit carton to find the accurate name. Wearables are a pleasant thing to supply up on because most persons have more than one favourite and some like to have their pets wearing the identical item. You can have up to four Neopets but premium members can have five. That means that the wearable pieces can deal for a allotment more than other things granted out throughout the happening.

How Long Do You Wait To deal Something? That’s individual choice. I understand persons that deal things as shortly as they get them and other ones that delay until the cost proceeds up. I am a usual hoarder that doesn’t feel protected’ except I have at least 300 to 400 of an item. While that might sound like overkill, it isn’t. If certain thing is utilised for an avatar, gets left or is a weapon that can help in battle then the cost on it can go through the roof overnight. That’s a rarity with exceptional’ items that are given out from the advent calendar but you never understand what TNT / The Neopets Team is going to arrive up with.

So what are you waiting for, go get yourselves some free advent calendar prizes!