Wheel of Monotony Hack – No Waiting Required

Be able to see what prize you will win from the Wheel of Monotony right after you spin it! Are you tired of waiting hours after spinning the wheel of monotony to only end up with horrible prizes?

Wheel of Monotony Cheats

I hate waiting and waiting and ending up getting bad prizes! Well, here is a solution for you, where you’ll be able to see what prize you will win from the wheel of monotony right after spinning it, no need to wait hours! Make sure you are logged in. Visit this link.  Then you should see the wheel of monotony in the middle of the page and some XML code on the right side. Spin the wheel and the XML on the right side of the screen should change. In that, locate <prize>Number</prize> and note that down. The number between the prize tag represents a prize, the locate the number on your screen and match it up with the items below to figure out your prize

1. Mazzew 2. Petpet Brush 3. Gourmet Food 4. Weapon 5. 5,000 NP 6. Question Mark (not worth waiting!) 7. Faerie Abilities 8. Red Codestone 9. Bri Codestone 10. Volcano (not worth waiting!) 11. Rock: Your Neopet will lose half their hp. (not worth waiting!) 12. Random items or avatars 13. Lottery Ticket 14. Paintbrush 15. Beast (not worth waiting!) 16. 20,000 NP, there is a chance you may get a toy 99. You already played in the last 24 hours

To find out how much time till the wheel of monotony stops spinning go here. Take the number after time left and remove the 3 at the end and that’s how many seconds you have left till the Wheel of Monotony stops spinning!

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