Guide to Unconverted Neopets

Unconverted Neopets

Guide to Unconverted Neopets

Neopia has never been the same since the big announcement of the overhaul of all neopets.  Many new users today may not even be aware of this huge moment in the history of Neopia.  Although this change happened in 2007, it still is a huge event that continues to alter the neopian community today. The faithful day was April 27, 2007.  All users would login to their account and discover a completely new environment.  Updates happen frequently, but this update would be one that would change the whole neopets looks and customization.  Pets were drastically altered in appearance and almost no one was safe from the change.  TNT would release image after image of the change in neopets appearances.  They would detail all the latest additions you would be able to do with your new style of neopet.  There was a lot of uproar about the change, but for the most part people enjoyed the new looks and the added customization options.  Almost all users were not given an option on whether they wanted their pet changed to this new look or not.  The ones that were given the option would have an important decision to make.  Change the look of your pet forever or keep the old style.

The Big “Unconverted Neopets” Change!

This makes the update on April 27, 2007 a huge event in history.  This would be the day where much of Neopia would convert their neopets.  The huge overhaul of appearances was a big reasons why users wanted to experiment.  You would now have the option to put different clothing onto your neopet.  There poses would also be different.  Most users would have their neopets changed over to this look immediately after the update.  You see, since the change in appearance was so much, certain pet colors would not be changed over to the new looks.  This is why certain users were given an option on whether to convert their neopet or leave them unconverted, hence the term “Unconverted Neopets”.  TNT decided that not all colors would be carried over to the new additions.  This meant certain neopets would retain their old poses and not be given the options to experiment with the new appearances.    So the new appearance and upgrades could be given to your neopet, almost all were required to change over without an option.  The ones that weren’t had a huge choice to make.   You could leave your pet alone, as is, and not convert it to the new look.  If you chose this option, you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of all the new additions TNT implemented for the converted pets.  This included different style clothing you could add on the pet.   Certain accessories like belts, trousers, hats, and more would be what you would be missing out on. Also, were available accessories to make your pet appear unique.  Accessories would be items such as backpacks, glasses, gloves, and other items.  Choosing to keep your pet the same would mean not being able to take advantage of all the new features.  Some people chose to keep the old look of their neopet because they enjoyed the look and color of their pet already.  Although the updates were fun, they didn’t want to lose the color and pet they had.

The people who chose not to convert their pets would now have pets labeled as Unconverted Neopets to the Neopian community.  This just means you decided to refuse the option given to you by TNT.  People who owned unconverted neopets would not realize how valuable their neopet would be in the future.  Neopia would be drastically different thanks to this choice and the users who decided to remain with the same style.   This was a huge decision to make for many people.  Since you were just given this option one time, if you chose to convert, there would be no going back to the look of the past.  In fact, the only way you would be able to obtain a pet with the same look of yours would be to buy unconverted neopets.  Users wouldn’t be able to create the pets of the old styles any longer.

As mentioned previously, most pets weren’t even given this option so users were able to not stress out about what to do.  Unconverted Neopets would have a note under the notice section informing the user of this.  If a user decided to, they could convert their pet.    These are the different paint brush colors that currently hold UC Neopets: Baby, Coconut, Darigan, Desert, Faerie, Grey, Halloween, Ice, Mallow, Maraquan, MSP, Mutant, Plushie, Quiguki, Robot, Royal, Sponge, Tyrannian, Usuki.  Now, not all pets of these colors were given the option on whether to convert or not.  It was only given to a select few types of neopets.  These are just the different colors that currently feature Unconverted Neopets.

As you are easily able to guess, most people chose to upgrade their pets to the newest appearances when the upgrade came out.  With all the clothing options available to the new pets, people wanted to experiment. The Neopian community likes to give their neopets a unique look and all of the items would enable users to do it.  This is chosen to impress friends, show off to others, and just as a way to care for your neopet. But soon after, many started to regret ditching their Unconverted Neopets, as the new art could not even compare to the old art.

No one really knew how big the decision not to convert your neopet would be until now.  Since this occured on April 27, 2007, a lot has changed in the Neopian world. People have left, pets have been transformed, and neopets have been pounded.  This only increases to the rarity of UC Neopets.  They are in a giant shortage right now and people are searching everywhere for their shot at owning one of these rare neopets.   Just by searching around the community, it’s not difficult to find someone who is ready to buy neopets.  If you happen to own an unconverted neopets, then you are in a great position.

One reason that these neopets are in shortage is due to the lab ray.  The lab ray is a ran by a mad scientist who likes to see your pet change into an entirely new one.  If you were to take your neopet there and get it zapped, then your unconverted neopet would be gone forever.   The neopian community would steer clear of this place if they wanted their pet to remain the same.  Potions also have the option of destroying the UC neopets.  By obtaining one of these potions and using it on your pet, it would be changed into something different.  Just as with the lab ray, this would end your option of owning an unconverted neopet.  As more and more people chose to do these changes, the shortage only increased in number.  At the present moment, there is a high demand for someone who has a pet that didn’t undergo any changes.  Since it is impossible to create an unconverted neopet, it’s safe to say the rarity of one is sky high.  The above examples are just a couple reasons of why there are so few unconverted neopets in the Neopian community.

When the choice was first given out to users, it didn’t mean you would be safe from the changes for long.  As regular users will tell you, there are all types of random events that could change your pet.  If you were given one of these events, then your pet could possibly be changed into another type of neopet that is converted.

However, it didn’t work the other way around.  So unconverted neopets would changeto converted neopets, but converted did not go to unconverted.  These random events would only lower the number of unconverted neopets.  Many people would feel outraged when losing their precious neopet.  In fact, TNT now had to face another issue with the Neopets Unconverted Pets.  Since, random events could alter your pet forever people would be timid to play as much.  This is not what TNT would want their users to do.  Much like owning a nice toy that is breakable, you use it less often to ensure it’s use.  People would have the same mindset with their special breeds of neopets.  They wouldn’t want to risk losing their certain neopet forever and not having the option of creating another.  After some time, Neopia could breathe a sigh of relief.  On April 16, 2010 TNT released a huge announcement about the UC Neopets.  They would be given Immunity from random events!  This would be a major game changer for users.  Your pet would be able to remain the same look forever until you decided to change it.  This made even more people in the market to buy Unconverted neopets.  There was also another great benefit in the news.  You also didn’t have to worry about UC Neopets showing any form of illness or emotion.  Since this announcement was made, it also made the UC Neopets an even bigger draw to other users.  They would have immunity to all the bad events that could loser your neopet forever.  People were flocking to Buy Unconverted Neopets that were given such great immunity in the Neopian world.  What this meant was you could play as much as like without worrying about random events.  In fact, the only way that your neopet could now be changed to a converted Neopet would be to repaint them or lab them.  These are all user options thus giving you 100% control over your pets choice to remain unconverted.  Around this time, people started seeing a huge demand for these rare pet breeds.

Let’s dive into a little further about the difference between a converted neopet and Neopets unconverted neopets.  If you are in the market to buy unconverted neopets, then you should want to know the major differences in the two types.  The biggest difference between the two is the clothing and accessories allowed to wear.  There were a lot of items added to the neopian community when the update was first introduced.  These were all added to the options for a converted neopet to wear.  An unconverted neopet would not be given the same option.  Here are the items that  you would not be able to put on your pet: Backpack, Belt, Collar, Earrings, Glasses, Gloves, Hat, Hind Cover, Jacket, Left Hand Item, Markings, Necklace, Right Hand Item, Shirt, Dress, Shoes, Trousers, and Wings. With these limitations, it’s easy to see why most of Neopia when given the option decided to convert their neopets.

Since the April 16 announcement, the immunity difference between the two would also play a factor.  Other than that, both types of neopets are allowed to participate in the same activities.  This makes it a popular choice among many to have one of these rare unconverted neopets to show off.

People were lining up to take a shot at owning the rare pets.  Even today, you’ll find users all around the community dying for a chance to own a limited unconverted neopet.  Since you weren’t able to recreate them, the number available only shrinks more and more each day.  You would be surprised at the high prices people pay to buy neopets.  Since they are so hard to find, if you own one, you have the upper hand.  You’ll be able to wait it out to get the price you feel is reasonable.  You’ll also be able to continue playing without risking a random event happening.  This is why the announcement made by TNT on April 16, 2010 sent shockwaves through the community.  No pets in existence except Unconverted Neopets, would have this immunity protection.

If you own a Unconverted Neopet, you should realize the importance of this type.  The community highly desires these neopets.  You shouldn’t attempt to change it, unless you really have to.  An unconverted neopet is still able to use many functions in the game that make it a joy to play with.  You’ll be able to change the background, background item, foreground, higher foreground item, lower foreground item, music, sound effect, and thought  bubble.  So, although the options aren’t as detailed as a newer neopet, it’s still a lot of fun to play with an unconverted neopet.  If you really want to get rid of your pet, then you should first look at all the users who want to buy unconverted neopets.  As a user in the Neopian community, you’ll be a hero to someone who wants to own a piece of history.  Many users have questioned whether TNT would eventually require you to convert your neopets. The latest information is this will not happen.  They realize how much some users like the old look and would not want to upset anyone.  You’ll be safe if you want to own a UC neopet.  Find someone who is trading the certain one you want.  To trade for unconverted neopets, you’ll have to search all over Neopia.  There aren’t many left!

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