NeopianRoyalty.Com Review

We recommend you avoid at any cost! If you want your account to end up frozen, than by all means go ahead.


We were certainly impressed by NeopianRoyalty’s ridiculously low rates for Unconverted Neopets. We started off with a inquiry whether the pets were legit or not, and the staff there reassured us that they were indeed safe to buy. Satisfied with their reply, I decided to put an order in for a UC Plushie Aisha. All was fine for the first week, after which I had received a neomail from a user, claiming I had hacked her account and stole her UC Plushie Aisha!? The user than made a public board claiming I had hacked her account, and I got frozen shortly thereafter. Needless to say, I was not impressed, nor was I given a refund. If their pets are all hacked, I assume all their neopoints and neopets items are also from illegitimate sources.

If you’d like a reliable site to purchase UC neopets from, we recommend NeopointsDeals.