The Official Wraith Resurgence Plot Guide



The site of the Faerie Festival is now unrecognizable. After the unexpected attacks, the faeries seem to be using it as makeshift headquarters to rally for help, organize their forces, and make plans for their resistance efforts. Why don’t you look around and find a way to help out?

Step One

Click on Kaia

Mystic Murmurs

Kaia seems to be in a trance of some sort. Her eyes are closed and she is murmuring something that makes no sense. As you make a quick note of whatever you hear, you can’t help but wonder what it all means. You wish you had some clue.

Method 1:

1. Copy down the first line of the puzzle. Refresh puzzle.
2. Copy down each letter that repeats, discard other letters.
3. Repeat on each line of puzzle.
4. The letters will spell out a place in Neopia.
IMPORTANT: You need to click the letters on the puzzle.
You can NOT type or copy and paste the answer into the box.

5. Click each letter of your word and it will automatically show up in the answer box.
6. The answer will flash and turn into a link for you to start the next step.

Method 2:

1. Open notepad and set the font to the size 8.
2. Copy and paste the letters from the puzzle to notepad so they all fit in one long line of text.
3. Click the reset button below the puzzle, copy and paste underneath the first line in notepad.
4. When you have 3 lines of text look for the letters that don’t change.
5. Reading from left to right will be the place name.

IMPORTANT: You need to click the letters on the puzzle.
You can NOT type or copy and paste the answer into the box.

6. Click each letter of your word and it will automatically show up in the answer box.
7. The answer will flash and turn into a link for you to start the next step.

All possible answers:
anchormanagement, exquisiteambrosia, hauntedhouse, qasalandelights, slushieshop, turdleracing and uggashinies.

Step Two

The Faeries’ Chest

The faerie has given you an intricate wooden chest. It looks ancient, and gives no clue as to the weapon it holds. There’s only one way to find out what lies inside!

Start at the very inner lock and click anywhere on the chest as the next lock aligns with it. When it links up go to the next lock.
Missing an alignment will release the last lock and you will have to re-align that lock to proceed.
** You need to do the Faerie Chest in 3 moves or less to get this achievement.
If you took more than 3 moves (counter is in the top left corner of the page), refresh and try again.

Prize: Staff of Devilish Laughter

Now we get a battledome challenger.

Step Three

You suddenly notice a group of Snapjaw Wraith heading in your direction! Go BATTLEDOMEFIGHT!!! Snapjaw Wraith gapes at you and SNAPS an oversized jaw at you. Does this restless monster sport a moehawk? no… that’s part of its head.

Goal: Fill your battle achievement bar to 100%.

A Mighty win earns you 20% towards your Achievement, Strong win earns 10% and an Average win earns 5%.

Method: Fight the Snapjaw Wraith either 5 times on Mighty, 10 times on Strong or 20 times on Average, or any combination of these difficulties.

Once you have reached 100% and achieved the Twas a Snap! Achievement you can click on your prize: Poisonous Spear Wand

Both weapons are good. Equip both if you have nothing better.

Poisonous Spear Wand: 17 – 23 icons (5 fire, 6 earth, 5 light, 1 pysical + 5 pysical)

Staff of Devilish Laughter: 13 icons (8 air + 5 air). Does all 13 icons against wraith. NO TRADE. Really only worth it against the wraith for this plot.

Fight The Wraith for Wraith Ectoplasm

Step Four

Taelia’s Brewing Centre

Taelia has always been known for her ski ll in healing Neopets with magic, so it was no wonder that Fyora asked her to help fight the dark magic plaguing the land. As you approach her table, you notice potions and ingredients of all kinds. Perhaps you can get her to create a potion or two for you.

Click on Scroll on Potions table
You peer into the scroll on Taelia’s table to see if it has any information you can use. Taelia must’ve been expecting just that, for her notes are phrased to hide more than they reveal.

When one thing ceases to exist, another takes its place.
3x Wraith Ectoplasm

1. Battle the Snapjaw Wraith and win Wraith Ectoplasm.
2. You need 6 (3 for each recipe)and return to Taelia.

3. Click on the 3x Wraith Ectoplasm link on the scroll.
4. Receive Taelias Concoction I.
5. Repeat to get another Concoction I.
6. Go to the Giant Jelly and Giant Omelette.
Previously, if you visited the Giant Omelette or Giant Jelly, you would get this message:

Now when you go there:

Use the concoction at the Giant Omelette and another one at Giant Jelly to remove the purple haze.



A click sound? It worked!
An advice to those venturing into the woods – you never know what you might find…
Facing an opponent head on in the Battledome takes a lot of courage.
It is indeed a Golden Ivy Leaf. I verified it against the description in my textbook.
Oh, that wonderful feeling that you get when you use your sk ills for the good of the world!
Report to the Colonel about any sightings of the wraith!
Some memories (like festivals), are worth reexperiencing.
The profession of a rose vendor must be really pleasant 🙂
The war is currently an inevitable part of every Neopian’s life.
We aren’t the colossi Xandra accused us of being.
We must weigh the odds to avoid making any rash decisions.

Click notice pinned to column on the right
Click notice laying on the ground on the right
Click notice laying on the ground on the left

A set of three quotes randomly assigned.


An inedible species of mushroom has been found in the festival grounds. Refrain from tasting it.
An unconscious Ixi was found by the soup cauldron. Any information regarding her identity is welcome.
Faeries that are facing opponents in the Battledome are exempt from participating in the Faerie Festival.
Guests that won prizes can collect them from the organizers.
Neopians with reentry tickets may use the same ticket to revisit the festival as many times as they wish.
Once the Faerie Festival has ended, the Soup Faerie will only supply free soup to poor Neopians. Remember, she knows your net worth.
Rose vendors are not allowed inside the festival gates.
Take care of our land – do not litter!
Take care of your belongings. Objects left lying around will be donated to the Money Tree.
The joys of attending a festival outweigh the annoyances of large crowds.
Those venturing into the woods are responsible for their own safety.
To those wondering about the news, or lack thereof, I verify that you will get more information soon.