Valentine Petpet Paint Brush Neopets

A new Neopets Valentine Petpet Paint Brush has just been released! Alongside, we get four new Valentine petpets including Valentine Noil, Valentine Cirrus, Valentine GX-4 Oscillabot and Valentine Rock. Where do you obtain this Valentines Petpet Paint Brush you ask? This Valentines PPPB can be obtained from random events, nerkmid machine, fruit machine, etc. Once they start circulating around, you can obtain them from other users! Beware though, I assume these petpet pbs will be in high demand once released, so the initial price will be quite high!

Valentine Petpet Paint BrushValentine Noil Valentine Circus Valentine GX-4 Oscillabot Neopets Valentine Rock
The valentine rock has an uncomfortable position. Is it because it knows its innards are about to be devoured?