The Charity Corner – Mass Neo-Deflation!

Granny Hopbobbin is hosting a charity drive for Neopians in need, and she needs help collectingsome toys. Those who wish to donate can choose to donate either neocash items or neopoint items in the Toy Drive or Adopt-A-Neopian programs. The elderly Acara will be sure to reward all donators for their generosity.

Neopets Charity Corner

Adopt a Neopian

There’s a button called adopt a neopian and when you click on it, you get a letter from a neopian and figure out which items you need.

For me, I got a letter from Mugsy, and I do not know if anyone gets the same.

The items that work for me were Babaa Care,Altador Rug,Bottle of Blue Sand,Bottle of Orange Sand, and a Cheery Plant.

All 1 np and you get an item for completing the donation.