Guide to the Lutari’s Talisman!

This is for people who don?t know about it, and wonder “Why we have that useless Lutari Talisman thing in our lookup?”.I think this will solve all (or almost) your questions:

Q. How I get the Lutari Talisman?
A. Every account has one on it,just look at your user lookup.

Q. How I fill it? 
A. You need to get a special called “Bead”, and are 20 different ones.

Q. How I get them?
A. 1? You get 1 signing up for the Neopets Mobile Game , from someone referral link.
2? You get 1 each time someone sign up, using your referral link.
3? You can buy then at the trades*
4? You can get one in random events.
*(Tongi beads can?t be bought, you only get them when signing up using a referral link, or referring someone with your link.)

Q. What are the name of the beads?
A. ___ —– Bead
_ =
 Red, Green, Blue or Yellow
– = Matu, Oranu, Ranaka, Urapa and the unbuyable one Tongi.

Q. Will get some trophy,special prize or access to new world/area?
A. Not really.But when you fill your talisman,this will happen:
1? When you send your score you have a chance to get 2x NPs like the Lucky Faerie Space Charm.But if have both you have the chance to combine them and get 4x NPs!!!
2? You get discount in Main Shops, about +/- 10%.
3? It not confirmed, but it seems you get more Ramdom Events.