Guide to Monkeyquest Cheats

Take Playing Your Favorite Game to the Next Level with the MonkeyQuest Cheats


There are numerous MonkeyQuest cheats available for players who want to level-up faster and easier. This great game gains more and more players every day, but the cheats are its salt and pepper, the drop of adrenaline and entertainment every player looks for when logging in.


Especially designed for children and teens, MonkeyQuest challenges its players to fight monsters inhabiting the jungle and help the citizens in their fight against evil. The action takes place in the world of Ook, which was divided by the main hero’s companions in regions. It is to be noticed that the main hero disappeared after defeating the evil threatening the monkey population.


The game’s controls are very easy to learn and use. The player has four main keys: one for the melee weapon, one for the ranged weapon and two for consumables and food. Even if it is quite easy to gain levels, MonkeyQuest cheats are used by most players to unlock and use the many different features of the game for their pet. There are about twenty-five codes, but new ones are being developed regularly. The problem with these codes is that they can be used only once for each account.


The Most Popular Cheat Codes


  • In order to receive a Majestic Prince Crown, use the code RANGODVD;
  • To get an Elixir of Wisdom, type the word WISDOM;
  • For a Helmet of Zeal, type MQYAY10K;
  • To receive a Tail Lantern, use the code MQYAY5K;
  • Type THANKSMONKEYS to receive a Pepper Popper 5 Pack;
  • Use the code 20KFLYINGMONKEYS to get Flying Baron’s Goggles;
  • In order to get a Mystery Hat, type GRAPE;
  • MQBOOM25K will unlock the Boom Bug Helmet;
  • Type in the words RASPBERYY-LEMONADE and receive a Mystery Monocle;
  • To get an Elixir of Wisdom 3 Pack, use the code MQLEVELUP.


This game has more than one million players worldwide and their number keeps growing. You can join them and use the MonkeyQuest cheats to improve your fight and survival chances in the world of Ook – All you have to do is to register as a member.