Guide to Mutant Graveyard of Doom II!


Contrasts of Mutant Graveyard of Doom I :

  • No time limit.
  • Better graphic quality.
  • Added other kinds of minions.
  • Tentacled Eyeball is removed and replaced with Mummified Eyeball.
  • Instead of those cute crimson hearts,ignation of candles signified Albert’s life.
  • Enemies can be eliminated by pushing tomb stone of them.
  • and more waiting for you to discover! 

How to Play :

  • Use the ARROW KEYS to move your character – Albert the Kacheek.
  • Press SPACE BAR to push the loose tomb stone.

-> Yes,its just that simple 

Objectives :

  • Collect all required items to move on the next level

Notes :

  • Collect power-ups to help Albert along the way.
  • Watch out for those wandering ghosts and demons.
  • Avoid power-down which could make Albert’s task more difficult.

Overview :

Guides :
1. Candle
– The candle is your life.
– It will be shorten by one third if your lantern was dimmed once.

2. Required items
– Collected items will be lighted up.
– Items that have yet to be collected will be dimmed.

3. Score
-Needless to say,this is the points you have scored.

4. Light Circle
– The light circle of the lantern will become smaller and smaller if Albert was hit by enemies.

Power-ups : 

Glowing Pink Spooky Popcorn
Power : Speed up Albert’s agility.
Pros : Finish the game in fast speed.
Cons : Could accidentally knock onto enemy while running. 

Glowing Pink Apple Lantern
Power : Increase the light circle
Pros : Bigger light circle,safer
Cons : –

Glowing Almost Gummy Rat
Power : Slow Albert’s speed.
Pros : Walk around the maze safely.
Cons : Boring and take time to finish the game.

Regular Enemies :
(all enemy can diminish your light circle)

Description : 
-Jumping and scratching around

Description : 
-Biting around

Special Enemies : 

Mummified Eyeball
Description : 

Description : 
-Haunting around.
-Able to fly through those tomb stones.

Walking Gravestone
Description : 
-Dancing around.
-Turn into tomb stone (which still harmful to Albert)

Disguised Walking Gravestone
Description : 
-Reform to become movable Tomb Stone.

The Loose Tomb Stone :

– This is the part where many peoples stuck in level 2 of the game.
– The loose tomb stone doesn’t look loose at all. Like ordinary tomb stones,Loose Tomb Stone stands firmly on the ground.
– After few trials and errors,I finally found the tomb stone that is able to be pushed is following:

this tomb stone looks ‘loose’..

Whats the point of TNT to put this up?

It can be pushed by Albert to eliminate those badasses
-You need to push this tomb stone to collect all items in many levels.If not mistaken,starts on level 2…. -.-‘

How to Differentiate Between…

1. Disguised Walking Gravestone and Other Tomb Stone?

Disguised Gravestone


Tomb stones

2. Ordinary Tomb Stones and Loose Tomb Stone?

Loose Tomb Stone

Ordinary Tomb Stones

Extra Points : 

  • Every power ups and power downs worth 10 points.
  • Every enemies worth 50 points,except Mummified Eyeball,of course..

Darkztar’s Moment : 

  • Review score : 5900
  • 1000NP-score : 1000
  • Time taken : random (600s should be enough)
  • Your score must end with zero,for example 5000,5100,5110…etc

Information relies on the data I had collected.
These information are just for reference.
I’m not responsible for any harm on your account(s),IP address and other properties. 

Spiffy Trophies : 

So are you ready to grab those shiny trophies? :drool:

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