Buried Treasure Cheat [Click to Win Everytime]

Ahoy! So you want to know how to find the Treasure of the Black Pawkeet? Well you have come to the right place then! This guide will answer all of your questions about the game Buried Treasure! It normally costs 300 np to play a game of Buried treasure You can play once every three hours In November the price goes down to 150 np, in honor of the birthday of Neopets. On certain special days, like neopets’ birthday, the price to play goes to 0 np. The treasure changes place all the time, but it’s rather big (9 squares) so if you or somebody else has found something, try and search around that area next time. Try to search around the same location where you found the treasure last time. To play, go here. Click the play button. An image like the one below should appear (but in bigger format)

Click on one of the squares and find out if you found the treasure! You only have one try so pick carefully. And now to the good stuff: Prizes!! You can win: A random amount of neopoints (500 np, 1000 np, 1500 np, 2000 np, 5000 np, 20000 np) One Random Dubloon Coin :drool: Booby Prize! (Rancid Old Meat, Yellow Growth, Rock Sprouts, Snout Plant, Buried Burger, Maggoty Spud or Spongy Mound) Jackpot! (You can find the amount of neopoints the jackpot is currently by looking at the top of the page when choosing which square to search in) Nothing! Avatar (completely random).