Guide to the Neopets Lab Ray!

Neopets Lab Ray


One of the stuffs in Neopets that are mostly sought is the Neopets Lab Ray. This is an expensive stuff in which the cost increases day by day that is why average player would find difficulty in purchasing it. That is why before deciding to buy it you should know first how it does and other details related to it.


The Lab Ray is available in a set that makes it expensive. This is the reason why some players who want to have it prefer collecting the pieces individually. Buying a set is pricier as compared to purchasing individual pieces. It is because you can find cheaply priced piece from random event. You can use the Shop Wizard so that you can determine the estimated prices of each piece. However, when using this buying method you should purchase one piece at a time and keep it in the safety deposit box.


Once you complete the map you can have permanent access to the Neopets Lab Ray. The Lab Ray can do numerous things such as increasing stats, decreasing stats, changing the pet’s species or nothing at all. It works randomly that is why the player is unable to select what it does. On the contrary, the Neopets Lab Ray is unable to change the color of your pet to the following color such as Pirate, Baby, Plushie, Royal, Usuki and Quiguki. Likewise, it would not upgrade the intelligence and take away the maximum hit points. Thus, it only changes the appearances and stats.


Moreover, the colors exclusively for Lab Ray include Garlic, Clay, MSP, Ice, Sponge and Robot. However, if you have enough points you can purchase the color that you want to give your pet a metallic robot exterior. Feeding your pet with a whole heap of garlic will give it the color of garlic. Yet, you can still obtain other colors by other technical means.


By using the Lab Ray, it will be easier to obtain the specific species/color combination that you need in creating the avatar. In this way,  you need not purchase paint brushes in getting the color that you want. The process can be slow, and you need to be patient so that you can obtain all the avatar pets in the Lab Ray.


As the Neopets Lab Ray can alter your pet’s statistics, then it is possible that it can upgrade the stats up to higher battledome. Using the Lab Ray in improving the statistics of your pet can save you big amount of Neopoints. Otherwise, if you will not use Lab Ray and you are unlucky, it may lead to wasting dubloons and codestones. Likewise, the randomness of Lab Ray provides excitement as you never know what will happen while you are clicking the button.


Nevertheless, Neopets Lab Ray provides entertainment, but there are instances in which it may cause confusion and even bad zappings. Thus, always expect the unexpected while using it and never be disappointed if something unexpected happens while playing the game. The important thing is that you should enjoy the game as well as using the Lab Ray.