Guide to the Neopets Pound!

Neopets Pound

If you have been playing Neopets, you will notice that there are instances in which pets are stuck in the pound. Many times you will find pets refreshing in the pound and they are considered to be no owner. That is why the first thing that you should do is to know about the basic search for Neopets pound. All you have to do is browse in the search engine and use the phrase “Owner: in the pound”. This will make your search a lot easier and narrower.

However, searching in the search engines would take time that is why as much as possible you should use search modifiers. This can help in refining your search, but you need to figure it out properly. One of the modifiers that you can use is the “color” with quotation marks. Likewise, you can also make use the modifier “STATS”. Using this modifier allows you to search for a specific level of defense, movement and strength. Lastly, you can use the modifier Petpets in searching for Neopets pound.

Getting Neopets pound means that you will be adopting it. In order to this, you will need to have more than 50 Neopoints and at least three Neopets at hand. If you want to obtain rare Neopet, then your account should be four months old and make sure that you have enough Neopoints to pay for it. If you have the requirements to adopt a Neopet pound, then you can browse the adoption threads. There are owners posting plan to leave their pets at the pound for some time and this is your chance to have one. Make sure that your internet connection is stronger than any other players attempting to claim Neopet pound.

In addition, in adopting Neopets pound you need also to know the adoption restrictions. If your account is under 4 months, you can only adopt pound with the color brown, blue, glowing, checkered, green, orange, purple, pink, red and many others. However, you cannot adopt Neopet above level 2 and the limited edition pets. You can only pound a pet that is seven days old and above.

As you will adopt Neopets pound, make sure that you have enough money to fund the adoption fees. The cost depends on the pet’s statistics and you can determine the cost by using the Pound calculator. Fortunately, Neopets online game offers a new feature that is transferring the Neopet pound from one account to another. This means that you can use 1 outgoing and 1 incoming transfer. If you are interested of this feature, then you should check the transfer status page.

Indeed, it is not that easy to pound a pet because there are several factors to consider. You need not only consider the status of your account but also the Neopoints on hand. In this sense, before deciding to adopt a pet on pound, you should first determine if your account is qualified. Otherwise, you will just waste your time looking and waiting for a pet that you can adopt.

People also use the search query “owner: in the pound” to find pets stuck in the pound!