Neopets Autobuyer

Autobuyer Guide/Tips!

What is a Neopets Autobuyer?
I really don’t know what this site has to offer since I’m a newbie, but find one with good/advance features. I use the Greasemonkey Neopets ABer.
Now that you’ve got an Neopets ABer…..
Pausing: I pause every 20-60 minutes (Default Settings for PZFX), but its really up to you.
How long to Pause for? I pause for 10-30 minutes
(Default Settings for PZFX).
Pause Before Buying: If you have this feature, I put it to 300-1200.
Haggle: I pretty much left it at default, Smart Haggle!
Refresh Rate: You should put it at around 4-10, or maybe even slower.

Let’s Get Started:
I won’t go into proxies or Neopets ABing list, there are other guides for that.

1.Get your side account, NEVER A MAIN!
2.After that, you should get out a list and setup the proxy.
3.WAIT! Don’t start yet! You need to fix your settings. If you have a side account, I’m guessing its “new” to RSing.
So to make it a bit more human like, you should slow your settings down. Such as: Refresh Rate is fine,
Pause before buying should be slow!
4.As a beginner to RSing your not just gonig to become good the first try, its about practice.
So thats why it MUST be slow in the beginning, to make it more “human-like”.
5.Take it slow, don’t try and get greedy.
6.Where Should you Neopets Autobuy? Well, you should start to AB in the pharmacy, books, chocolate, or toys. Something simple!

After awhile
Now that you’ve been abing and taking it slow, its time to kick it up a notch.

1. Change the settings a TAD. NOT TOO MUCH!
2. You should still be Neopets Autobuying in the easy store, but should be changing the settings once in awhile.
Like a human, it will show slow improvement and hopefully less chance of being frozen. 

Okay, been ABing in the easy shops for a long while? Then go to the “intermediate” shops, or you can just stay at the easy shops.
So now your saying, “When can you get to the harder shops? I’m getting bored.” Well, there needs to be patient in this. Patience is rewarded.
You shouldn’t go to those shops until maybe a few weeks/month. I know its long, but a few weeks may be fine.
(Assuming your side account is 3 months or up)

Other Tips:
1. Remember to use Proxies.
2. Be careful on what you do.
3. Think smart!
4. Transfer your items/neopoints very carefully, don’t just throw it all to your main, transfer it slowly.
Maybe one day, transfer alot. Then the next day, transfer nothing.
Then the net day transfer a little but my suggestion to you is that your side
account should always have a decent amount of NP on that account.
5. Have fun? D:
Remember, there are lots of neopets autobuyers, so choose the right one!

—Credits to SunnyNeo (not for the whole guide, just for the Easy, Medium, and Hard)–
– Book shop 7
– Food shop 1
– Bakery 15
– Petpet Supplies 69
– Pharmacy 13
– Tropical Food Shop 20
– Chocolate 14
– Spooky Foods 30
– Pharmacy 13
– Gardening 12
– Pizzaroo 47
– Grooming Parlour 5
– Unis Clothing 4
– Collectable Card Shop 8
– Fresh Smoothies 18
– Gift Shop

– Plushie Shop 98
– Toy Shop 3
– Furniture 41
– Post Office 58
– Collectable Sea Shells 86
– Petpet Shop 25
– Robopet Shop 26
– Faerieland Petpets 40
– Wintery Petpets 61
– Kayla’s Potions 73
– Legendary Petpets

– Magic Shop 2
– Defense Magic 10
– Battle Magic 9
– Collectable Coin Shop 68
– Wonderous Weaponry 100
– Royal Potionary 83
– The Scrollery 78
– Exquisite Ambrosia 95
– Words of Antiquity 92
– Magic Marvels 96
– Brightvale Armoury 80
– Merifoods

Nowadays there are a lot of neopets autobuyers, from greasemonkey ones, to java ones, and more! They all vary in their functions, so choose a neopets autobuyer that is right for you!

One of the top autobuyers right now is the Abrosia Autobuyer.