Neopets Avatar Chat Guide – Fitting In!

The AC

Become well known on the AC

Hey guys, I’m making this guide based on what I did on my main account to be well known on the Avatar Chat (AC). Obviously this is a guide for people who are more dedicated to playing legit then cheating. Some of these steps will be boring and sound not helpful but trust me they all add up. Now this isn’t going to be a sucess in a week’s time, it can take months but it’s worth it in the end.

First of all work on your avatar count. You want to look good in front of people on the AC, then you should obviously have a good amount of avatars. If you want to begin your search of being lent lets say BGC, then you would want to start off at 250+ avatars. Or if you want the MSPP TCG avatar, than 275+ avatars.

Simple, make frequent boards people want to post on. For example; guess the avatar! or 1np morphing potion! Those are some boards people want to post on and would appreciate.

If you want to be lent something, make frequent boards that you also bump a lot. I’ll explain this in an example. When I was trying to get lent BGC on my main, I would always always make a board. Then one day a lender made a board “Lending BGC”. I posted on this board and like 4-5 people I didn’t even know posted on the board saying that I should be lent and they said I always see this guys board up and he should be lent. That automatically got me a lend from the lender. See it’s always good for people to know that you really want a lend and you deserve it. (Tip: This advice is obviously for well built accounts)

Be nice. If you have a board up and someone comes and says “good luck, please vote for my caption contest” or whatever they’re advertising, then say “thanks” and copy paste the text you got for voting for them. That will make them happy and they’ll remember you. Also go around to people who want to be lent’s boards and tell them good luck.

Lend stuff! I’m not telling you to go buy a BGC and lend it. Maybe a FQD or even some pets. Also I’m not telling you to go lend whoever asks you, be careful who you lend with. If you feel they’re trustworthy and they deserve it then go ahead.

Having a really unique font and signature helps make you well known. Also if you have a neoboard pen with another unique font, that would be also great. You can occasionally find boards where people gift neoboard pens out! That’s how I got 2 of them. If you do manage to get a pen, then make sure you alternate the two fonts between posts so people know you have a pen.