Neopets Chef Bonju Avatar – Month of August ONLY!

blumaroo shenkuu bonju chef


Only during the Month of August can you get the elusive Chef Bonju avatar! The Chef Bonju avatar was once a great big mystery, that had neopians running around for months trying to solve how to obtain this avatar! After a long time, the secret has been released and now the knowledge as to how to obtain the chef bonju avatar has been released!

To obtain this Chef Bonju Avatar:

animated chef bonju orange blumaroo

All you have to do is have the Mad About Orange avatar active, and than visit theĀ Mystery Island Cooking Pot, and mix together the following three items:

Orange Juice
Blumaroo Steak
Gourmet Cooking for Your Pet

Orange JuiceBlumaroo SteakGourmet Cooking For Your Pet

So what are you waiting for, the chef bonju avatar can only be obtained during the month of August so go now!