Neopets Intelligence Ultimate Genius – Cheat!


Every time when we think of increasing our pet’s intelligence, we would think of buying books to give to it to read. However, there is actually a much faster way to achieve Ultimate Genius – play Cliffhanger.

Of course, the Cliffhanger auto player has been posted by quite a lot of people but I just want to demonstrate how you can earn neopoints while at the same time, give your pet an intelligence boost to Ultimate Genius in just 3 days!


1. Download and install Mozilla Firefox at…uid=208179&t=1.
2. Install Greasemonkey at
3. Install Cliffhanger auto player at
4. Select the pet that you want to increase intelligence and make it your active pet.
5. Click on…ffhanger.phtml and the game will start to auto play.
6. Stop the game after 1 hour and you should be able to get from “average” to “mega genius”. (Note: The game will stop earning neopoints after you earned 1500 nps which only takes a few minutes. So if you want to earn maximum nps, you may just want to leave it for around 5 minutes everyday but it would take much longer to get to Ultimate Genius.)
7. Repeat step 4 and 5 for the next 2 days and you should be able to get to “Ultimate Genius”.


That’s the end of the guide. Post here if you have any queries and if your pet has become Ultimate Genius using the above method.