New Hidden Tower Items Retire August 16, 2013!

The irresistable force of this magical crossbow cannot be stopped, apart from by an immovable object. Regulation Meridell Crossbow [Retired – r180]
This long fetid column of snot came out of Meukas nose... ewwww! Meukas Snot Trail [Retired – r180]
This noxious blade was forged by the evil Warlock Hubrid Nox many centuries ago.  He designed it to defeat Lupes in Battle! Hubrids Noxious Blade [Retired – r180]
Rumour has it this is REALLY where the Mystic gets his powers from. Island Mystics Staff [Retired – r180]

Tick tock tick tock tick tock BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!! Limited Use. Rainbow Clockwork Grundo [Retired – r180]


In addition to these retired items from the Hidden Tower, the Hidden Tower stocked this new weapon today:

Fan of Swords

Fan of Swords!